Buying CBD in Naples, Florida

We know CBD is available everywhere in Naples, Florida. It seems as if everyone is selling CBD.  Each and everyday we are researching  new brands in order to bring our customers the best new products on the market. The top question we get asked daily is, “ what makes our products better than the competitors?”. In this blog post we will break down our competitors’ products for you side by side. 

We know you’ve probably seen their advertisements in every newspaper across town. They run specials more than any other store in the area, but are their products and prices too good to be true ? At this time, Your CBD Store does not currently offer any Full-Spectrum, CO2-extracted tinctures. In order to do the closest tincture comparison possible, we will be using their Broad Spectrum, ethanol extracted 1000mg lemon tincture.  As for their skin products, it’s important to note they do not offer a transdermal cream; all skin products appear to be strictly topical.

SUNMED 1000mg vs. Purple Hippo 1000mg

SUNMED Topical Cream with Peppermint 1000mg vs. Myaderm Advanced Pain Cream 1200mg

This price break down was shocking even to us! Your CBD Store is charging almost 3x more  for their CBD cream and it’s not transdermal! Our Transdermal CBD cream is formulated to penetrate through all of the layers of your skin into the blood stream for immediate and maximum absorption.  

Charlotte's Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web is arguably the most well known CBD company in all of America.  We love their products, but we understand not everyone can justify the price.  Check out the comparison below of Charlotte’s Web and Elixinol. Both companies are US Hemp Authority Certified, but at nearly double the cost we think the clear winner is Elixinol. 

Charlotte's Web Full Strength CBD vs
Elixinol 300mg CBD Tincture

Green Roads

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Green Roads has made quite the name for themselves. Walk in to almost any vape store in Florida and you are sure to find their products. While Green Roads makes some amazing gummies, we find that the prices on their tinctures are extremely steep.  Green roads makes only broad spectrum products and unfortunately doe not offer a full-spectrum product at this time. 

This post was updated on October 25th, 2019 to keep the page up to date on new products and pricing.

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